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Sustainable Technology

Sustainability in technology

How can you be at the leading edge of technology and still be sustainable?

For Rural Communications it is about a commitment that is woven into every aspect of the business.

We encourage and support:

· Using the technology that you have when it works (we can support your needs if it doesn’t)

· Ugrading or repairing when possible (we can help with that too!)

· Repurposing (we can help with that too!)

· Responsibly recycling (Can you believe it…we can help with that and protect your data too!)

It might be expected that knowing about cutting edge technology means always using cutting edge technology. We consider ourselves to be leading edge. Leading from the emerging future. Protecting the environment where possible.

There is sustainability in using what you have, upgrading when you need to and always dealing with all that you no longer require responsibly.

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