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Independent Internet Service Provider

We are experienced providers of the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme (SBVS).

We will connect you with the best technology and service available to you from the outset to completion.

Do you need a new broadband internet connection?

We can provide fibre, fixed wireless, fixed mobile and satellite broadband internet.


We are independent and technology and network agnostic. 


We will help you to find the best option for you.

We are also experienced providers for the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme, which is grant funding to support those in need of a new superfast broadband service.

We offer a convenient alternative to in-house IT with one-off, emergency and proactive support services. 

The simplest of tasks can take time away from your business and this is where we can give you the time back. 

Spend more time working in your business that on your IT requirements.

  • Network Support & Installation (Wired & Wireless)

  • Desktop hardware support, maintenance & procurement

  • Infrastructure maintenance

  • Security & Patch updates

  • Complete IT support package

  • One off support

  • Emergency/Out of hours

Image by Thomas Jensen, We offer a convenient alternative to in-house IT with one-off, emergency and proactive support services. 
VerkadaSensorCamera, Having a camera installed is a great security measure, but the same camera can be used for numerous applications.

CCTV & Monitoring

Cameras aren't just for security

Having a camera installed is a great security measure, but the same camera can be used for numerous applications.

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Comms room monitoring

  • Sensors without cameras for safety monitoring in sensitive areas

  • Health & Safety

  • Licence Plate, vehicle make\model & facial recognition


All systems we would use come with Android & iOS apps to view your cameras anywhere and can be set up to alert for certain events to email or on your phone app. 

We are partnered with several suppliers to offer you the best solution for your requirements and budget.

We are here to support you and your projects.


We embrace the challenge of all sizes and types of projects and will support your aspirations at whatever level of expertise that you require. 

Office moves and new build facility planning and installation.

  • Process Digitisation - Take paper process in to the cloud

  • Document management

  • ISDN\PBX to voip migration

  • Hardware refresh, upgrades, repurposing, recycling in keeping with the principles of circular economy and sustainability

  • Windows migrations and rebuilds

  • Consulting

Image by Dane Deaner, Keeping a business up to date with technology is a major project.






Regenerative rural development. Rural communications inspire and facilitate rural regeneration.

Inspire and facilitate regenerative rural development

Identify and achieve the goals of your community, organisation, or business

Bringing your motivation and challenges together with ideas to support development

Advocating for your needs

Connecting you with opportunities

With you every step of the way



When a cable that is attached to your broadband router runs out of the property like a phone line. This is known as a fixed line connection. 

All of our fixed line connections now use fibre.


As an independent service provider we choose to recommend only unlimited fixed mobile data connections for broadband internet provision for your freedom and peace of mind. 


The stable fibre broadband internet connection at the source of the network allows the signal to travel over long distances by line of sight to or bounced off of other equipment to reach many premises in hard to reach areas.


If your property can see the sky then satellite data is an option. Data connections are beamed from satellites above us down to a receiver dish much like you would see for TV signal.

Broadband Technology
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